Ahmet Özışık
Founder, Software Consultant
22 Dec, 2018

Let's Meet!

Swiftmade is a Tallinn, Estonia based software company. In the 2 years since we started, we have served only a handful of select clients all of whom reached us by word of mouth. Among our clients were non-profit organizations funded by the World Bank, a former United Nations GIS co-chair, a prestigious university, a growing robotics startup and more...

Every time we completed a project, we got referred to others.
I believe this is for the following reasons:

  • We only deliver high quality work.
  • We have fair and transparent pricing.
  • We pursue our client's best interests, not ours.

High quality work

First, we take the guesswork out of the equation by making sure the project requirements are crystal clear. Then we complete the task in the simplest and the most robust way possible. This, in tandem with our clean code practices that treasure code readability and writing less code in the first place yield high quality work.

Fair and transparent pricing

After signing a contract with us, you receive an invoice on the first calendar day of each month for the work done thus far. This invoice clearly shows the time tracked on each project down to the minute and the hourly rate.

If you have a pre-determined budget, we can agree on a roadmap that will lead us to a working product and you can pay us on a milestone basis. In each case, we are confident that the value we are going to provide will far exceed our rate. Just talk to us and see for yourself.

Your best interests over ours

It's no secret that we are making money here. However, instead of blindly saying yes to your every request, charging your account and then delivering something else, we will be upfront with you. We'll tell you if we think what you are asking might not be in your best interest.

As a crude example, if you ask for a mobile app where you point the phone's camera at your feet to try on shoes in realtime, we will kindly ask you to take it somewhere else. We don't do augmented reality, and we certainly are not one of those companies that say they can do anything, just to outsource it to India behind your back.

We are great at developing rich, complex web applications. Our work includes car rental sites, interactive blogs, navigation apps, disaster management portals, robot management interfaces and dozens of other projects.

If you're looking for a talented company that focuses on Laravel and React Native development, just get in touch with us at [email protected]. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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