Laravel work

Quick insurance sales point for logistics companies. Receives orders and converts them into insurance policies via a WSDL/SOAP gateway. Has built-in accounting and loyalty system.

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METU Petroleum Research Center has entrusted their core administrative portals to Swiftmade. We modernized a Laravel 4.2 app and rewrote another one from scratch using Laravel Nova.

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SSAS Portal

OpenRosa compliant survey server and data aggregation portal. Highly customizable and configurable. Collects data via HTTP or SMS and produces reports via user-generated JS code.

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React Native work


Interactive social media app for dog owners. Users can add each other as friends, use realtime chat or create posts. The map lets users discover nearby veterinaries and pet stores.

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St. Paul Trail

A navigation app designed for the St. Paul Hiking trail located in Turkey. Users can plan routes, display them on the map. Nearby points of interest can also be found in the app.

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Developed for IMAGINS, RiskrApps is the mobile interface for SSAS based portals. It connects to the server and downloads survey files, and facilitiates offline commission of surveys.

Private Project

As a company that benefits from open source daily, we like giving back to the community. So far we have created a few PHP and Laravel specific open source packages. Give them a go!

Our open source repositories