Swiftmade is a software agency based in Tallinn, Estonia. We build reliable and modern digital products since 2016.

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We enjoy hard work and new challenges. That's why we do our work with joy.


Laravel Development

Laravel has an amazing ecosystem. Our expertise helps us build great software in record time.


Statamic Development

Looking for help with Statamic CMS? You've got company. Let's get your project to the finish line.


UI/UX Design

Need to design an app from scratch, or want to revamp your landing page to drive up conversions? We've got you covered.


Boost your dev team

Need developers? Skip the headhunt. We've got top grade Node, PHP, React and Vue developers.


We develop experiences that produce results for your company and your customers. We are motivated by your success.


What are we building, and more importantly, why are we building it? We get to the core of what you really need, and describe it in concrete and specific language.


We work in weekly iterations, using modern software practices. Every week, we meet you online to talk about progress. We produce well documented and maintainable code.


Software is just a means to an end. Now it's time to observe the impact. That could be more profits, more customers or just helping people do great things. You decide!


Companies live as long as they produce value. Since day one, Swiftmade is all about building reliable, well designed software. It excites me to see that our products improve someone's life or help a business thrive.
Ahmet Özışık

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Here's us 👋 Everyone at Swiftmade is dedicated to creating their best work. We love to see results, and so do our clients.

Ahmet Özışık
Anna Nikishyna
Operations Manager
Burak Nevruzoğlu
UI/UX Designer
Deniz Şimşek
Full Stack Developer
Emre Demirel
Full Stack Developer
Semih Coşu
Full Stack Developer
Onur Garip
Full Stack Developer
Orhun Ceng Bozo
Full Stack Developer
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Dr. Caglar Sinayuç
Dr. Caglar Sinayuç
Chair of METU Petroleum Research Center

Swiftmade not only improved our existing software, but during the process they also saved us months worth of work by moving our calculations from Excel to easy to understand web interfaces.

Göker Ertunç
Göker Ertunç
Co-founder & CIO of Milvus Robotics

Swiftmade greatly accelerated the development of our realtime fleet management software which configures, monitors and supervises our robots. They quickly understood our needs and executed our ideas in record time.

Suha Ülgen
Suha Ülgen
President of IMAGINS

After analyzing our Comprehensive School Safety Risk, Damage and Needs Assessment assistance program, Swiftmade architected a highly customizable Cloud-based survey solution for us. This design now lets us introduce our program in new territories with speed and reliability.