Integrate EveryPay into your PHP application

Accept payments via EveryPay in your PHP app using our omnipay package.
Ahmet Özışık · Founder · October 9th, 2019

EveryPay is a payment gateway platform, currently used by LHV and SEB banks in Estonia. When accepting card payments directly into an LHV or SEB account, you'll have to integrate EveryPay. That's exactly what we needed for our snack payment app Snack Hub.

The official PHP library for the gateway can be found here: Github Repository.

What did we create?

We created an Omnipay gateway for EveryPay. If you're not familiar, Omnipay is a "multi-gateway payment processing library" for PHP. In other words, it's a standard way of accepting card payments, regardless of the service you use.

Disclaimer: Our version does not use or include the official library. It's NOT supported by EveryPay.

How to use

Our repository is right here for anyone interested:

It lacks some features such as refunds. We might introduce more features in time, and we also any contributions from the community as well.

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